I stumbled across ‘The Bootlegger Bottle‘ on Kickstarter the other day and wanted to share it because it looks like a great way for anyone to try ‘brewing’ up something in their own home with very little overhead. According to their site, one could get a beer or other spirit fermented in as little as 12 hours in this vessel!  All you need to do is add some sort of beverage with fermentable sugar to the bottle, and wait a day or so.

I am a big fan of Kickstarter.

For those of you not familiar with it, this website allows you to help fund various projects that are listed and publicized on the site by their creators.  They have everything from computer games, to inventive products, to food items.  It even lets you find projects nearby to fund local artisans and creators.  If the project’s funding goals are met within the listed time frame, then the project is successfully funded and backers are charged.  The project then delivers their product to the backers a few months later once they are produced.  Some projects even offer ‘stretch goals’ as they raise money beyond the requested funding.  This usually means you get some extra items or perks for helping the creators fund the project.  It’s a fun process, and I have enjoyed backing a number of projects there.

In this case, the artisan is Ruckus Fermentation Co., and they have a facebook page here if you want additional information about them and their project.  They just kicked off this kickstarter campaign last friday and there are 38 days left in the campaign to fund the project.  There is a limited ‘Early Bird’ option to get one of these bottles for $40 (rather than $50) if you back their project early.  If you find this interesting like I do, I encourage you to check out their project and fund it if you like.


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