2017 Firkin Rendezvous Photo Recap

As per the usual, the Firkin Rendezvous was a blast. The weather was great, the crowds were just the perfect size, and overall I think I like it being outside of the brewhouse a little more.

Some of our favorite beers for the day were Fieldhouse’s Blood Orange Dry-Hopped Blonde, Cerberus’ Creamsicle IPA, and Paradox’s Cafe Cherished. I don’t think I tasted a bad beer all day, which is nice considering almost every beer was a one-off!

Here’s our photos from the day:


Ryan Hannigan

A graphic designer for the Colorado Springs Business Journal by day, beer enthusiast and homebrewer by night. It's not what's on your glass, but what is inside it that truly matters. Drink good beer and surround yourself with good people who drink good beer and life will be merry.