2017 International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day – IWCBD

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, and as recognition for all that women bring to the brewing industry; Colorado women are gathering to craft a beer for the 4th annual International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day (IWCBD) at Dry Dock Brewing’s South Dock today in Aurora.

IWCBD Brewsters from our 2015 coverage

Between 30 and 40 women in the brewing industry are converging at the South Dock to create a special beer that will be available at Collaboration Fest on March 25th.  Women working as brewery owners, beer-tenders, brewsters, marketers, and suppliers will be joining forces to craft this year’s beer.  On a day filled with events held for and by women, clearly, this one is near and dear to our heart.

These local brewsters are not alone in their efforts.  Over 100 brew days are planned, in 10 different countries:

Each year a theme is selected for the beer and this year’s theme is ‘Local’.  It doesn’t get much more local when they are using a grain bill entirely sourced from Root Shoot Malting of Loveland, CO, and yeast from local yeast lab, The Brewing Science Institute (BSI) in Woodland Park, CO.  The collaboration beer is a mixed culture saison, with the culture performing the primary fermentation.  This promises to deliver a saison with ‘young’ brett character that we certainly will look forward to trying at CollabFest.

Edit:  Fieldhouse Brewing in Colorado Springs is also hosting a Women’s Collaboration Brew Day on Friday, March 10th.  Proceeds from the sale of their beer will go to support TESSA.  Brewsters participating in the collaboration brew will be Fieldhouse, Triple S, Bristol, Great Storm, Lost Friend, Nikki Shaw, and Jess Fierro.

Cheers to all the women in the beer industry!  We’re lucky to have your talents and passion, and we’re looking forward to your beer!

Josh Howard

Josh has been a homebrewer for 14 years and is a BJCP certified beer judge. He primarily enjoys hoppy beers, sour beers, and anything aged in a bourbon barrel.

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